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  • What versions of Vienna ensemble (pro)?

    Have Vienna ensemble pro server installed and also there is a Vienna ensemble pro installation on the computer.
    This Vienna ensemble pro would also be a stand-alone version and also open in my composer as Vienna ensemble service as it seems.

    Can I try install this Vienna ensemble pro standalone also in my composer as vst ?
    If I install Vienna ensemble pro through the composer then will this also go through a network ?
    From this Vienna ensemble pro does not succeed to install VST plugins, but what does succeed in the standalone version of Vienna ensemble pro

    Which Vienna ensemble (pro) software is possible to install?

  • Worthless that there is no clear information about it on the VSL website
    Apparently there are 3 versions of Vienna Ensemble ?
    - Vienna ensemble Pro
    - Vienna ensemble Pro server
    - Vienna ensemble

    Vienna ensemble pro can also be used stand alone, but when used with the composer, no VST plugin can be opened, only Synchron sampler.
    Strange that this does not work

  • Hi!

    Everyone has access to the unrestrained "Vienna Ensemble" software, which allows you to load all VSL libraries and all your FX plugins. However, it does not have any network capabilities.

    Additionally, there is the PRO version:

    The most important difference is, that this one can connect networked computers, load all your 3rd party libraries, too - and many more features. Check out the comparison chart here.

    You install both the free Vienna Ensemble and Vienna Ensemble Pro via the Vienna Assistant, and we will always establish a standalone app (for loading and playing instruments). We also always install plugins so that you can use the software in your host (notation, sequencers).


    Feel free to email us via if you have more questions - or get your demo license from the product page.


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing