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  • Delius - The Walk to the Paradise Garden

    Realization using Syz Special Edition Winds, Brass, Harp and Timpani and Syz Dimension Strings.

    Automation is Expression and VXF.  Any recommendations for additional automation for a piece like this?  Attacks or release for instance?  How about filters for the stronger dynamic sections?  I'm a 10-year-+ VSL user, but I haven't used the Synchron Player tons, so I'm not familiar with some of the features.

    I used the Classic mix for the Winds and Brass, but used the Distant Mix for the Horns.  I'm using the Classic Lush mix for strings.  The string writing is complex with Sul G and Sul D, Divisi and individual desks called for, so Dim Strings was perfect for it!

    Not using MirPro here, just the Synchron Player OOTB, but I did add a VSL Hybrid Reverb for some analog tail (Medium Concert Hall).

    Feedback welcome and appreciated!

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