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  • Cubase Atmos setup

    Could someone walk through setting up a DAW and server setup?

    I have 2 x Windows 10 PC's. Cubase 12 Pro (12.0.60) on PC #1 and Pro 7 Server (7.2.1526) on PC #2

    On #2, I want to run the intensive surround apps - SkyDust3D, Tai Chi reverb and HD Cart reverb.

    I have to connect manually as it does not show the server on #1 and I am having trouble getting the channel configuration between the two PC's.

  • Hello Mr.Tea,

    I'm enjoying my 3rd cup of coffee at this moment of the day. I don't know if you have VEP 7 installed and running on your PC #1. Maybe a bit more of information 'bout your system, like "screenshots" or what sequencer prog and so on you're using might help. Meanwhile lots of succes and fun making music!