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  • creating a custom preset question


    I am using the trumpet 1 preset in the Synchron Brass library and have a question regarding customizing a preset.  My goal is to stack a the agile portato articulation over the long sustained articulation, so that I can have a slightly firmer attack on some of the sustained notes.  I would like to have the sustained portion volume controlled by the mod wheel, and the portato articulation controlled by velocity.  I loaded the Mod wheel sus x fade preset, so that it is set up this way.  However, when I create a custom preset, and drag the sustained and portato patch over from the patch menu, they are both controlled with the mod wheel.  If I copy the slots, however, if I copy the slots from the original presets, I do get independent volume controls, as I would like.

    My question is - is it possible to drag patches from the patch list and get the independent control, as I would like, or should I just continue to copy slots from the preset menu?  Is there a difference using either method?  If I started with a blanc slate, and empty preset, is it possible for me to layer this and have the independent crossfade control - velocity on the short and mod wheel on the long, while layering both patches?

    Thank you.