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  • 40% OFF Synchron Brass & Free Lyrical Legato Horn 1&2 Expansion

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    Hi everybody, 

    Here's our holiday gift for all users of Synchron Brass: Enjoy the enchanting sound of the Lyrical Legato Expansion we added for Solo Horn 1&2!

    Super-soft legato transitions for slow and expressive lines, also included for all newcomers!

    This is also the perfect opportunity to upgrade from Synchron Prime Edition or the respective BBO Collections!

    Make use of our 3+1 Voucher Special to get the biggest savings!

    You already own Synchron Brass?
    Open the Vienna Assistant to download the free update for this exciting library!

    All the best from Vienna,


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Bill!

    >> It's included in VelEX - MOD and Velocity, but not VelEX Sus - MOD

    => The new lyrical legato articulations for the solo horns are included in all three preset types (VelXF sus - MOD, VelXF - MOD and Velocity).

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library