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  • Black Friday Deals: Up to 50% OFF for BBO Series

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    Hi everybody,

    Here is the announcement of all our Black Friday deals, with more than 130 products on sale!

    We're starting the sale on Monday, November 21st, and all prices will be available until November 30th!

    Find all BBO products that are NOT part of the bigger Synchron Series collections at greatly reduced pricing, actually up to 50% OFF!

    Enjoy your Black Friday shopping!

    Your VSL Team

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Pello Paul,

    My Visa card valid until 10/22 and I went to see the Bank manager.

    She told me about my card's prolongation till 10/24 and showed the changes within my telephone.

    I'd like to enjoy my Black Friday shopping but Safari doesn't allow to buy VE Pro 7/ my price = eur 65.

    How can I buy it then? I don't have Maser Card.



  • Hello Gukas, 

    Best to get in touch with our sales team directly:!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL