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  • Experience comparing library vs MIR Pro Setting

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    hi all,

    I wanted to share my experience with all and get your opinion in this.

    My goal is to set all my libraries in one space using Mir Pro 3D.

    Let's take a trumpet. There are plenty good libraries on the market but for comparison I would get EAST WEST OPUS edition trumpet which is set as CLASSIC (1) with reverb (2) and MAIN mics (3) only. It sound great.

    Screenshot of EWQL Tpt Setup

    I did rebuild this set up using the same instrument with NO reverb (additionally one could swith to the close mic). I noticed that the Mir preset for a trumpet sets it too close. I had to change to the 99b wide cardioid profile, widen it to 7m and push tzhe volume +6dB to get the full sound of EWQL. I put a reverb behind it and voila, done. It's nearly 1:1

    screenshot of MIR Setting

    So i summary I notice it on various instruments now that the wide cardioid profile seems to fit better than the MIR PRO instrument profile. I did check it with 8Dio so far as well.