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  • Limiting playable range?


    I'm trying to figure out how to limit the range of sections in a stack.  For example, in the Tutti Full Range patches of the strings, the basses have their upper range disabled so as not to clash with the violas and violins.  In the main bass patch, the full range is available.

    I've searched everywhere for the option in Synchron Player, but must be missing something.  I'm trying to put together a similar woodwinds tutti patch but the upper range of the bassoons has been putting a damper on things haha.

    Is this possible?  Thanks.

  • In the Perform Tab, select the patch slot (the one that has the actual samples loaded), furthest to the right. 

    Click on the blue arrows to the right of the graphical keyboard, on the lowest, farthest right of the screen. 

    This will enable handles that limit / extend the playable range. 

    Note that this setting is independent for all Patch Slots, and you can limit / extend them individually in a stack. 

  • Perfect.  Thank you!