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  • Ballad for Violoncello and Orchestra

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    Hi, I finished a piece for violoncello and orchestra. For me with not so much full symphony orchestra experience it was a discovery journey, for the violoncello as well as for the orchestra. I used mostly Synchron libraries (not the Synchron-ized ones). The muted strings are a combination of muted orchestra strings + muted dimension strings.
    I hope you enjoy it.

    Ballad for Violoncello and Orchestra

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    This is very well done imv. My only criticism is that it is very derivative and in places sounds almost too much like some classic pieces, especially some of the harmonic progressions.

    Your scoring is nice and delicate for the solo and works beautifully as the cello needs acoustic space. In that regard, it is impressive given that you don't have much experience with full ochestras.  I should imagine it would work excellently if ever done live. The work develops nicely and your harmony and counterpoint are solid. The timings and linear feel of each section also feels right in that everything sounded logical and even inevitable - that isn't easy to do. I just wasn't sure about the final 2 mins or so which seemed to jar a little, but that's just me, others may well love it.

    The piece is very memorable too with instant likeability and I was glad to have spent 15 mins listening to it.  My initial criticism (or perhaps opinion is a better term), still stands as I believe talent should find its own ways.  So I hope you will branch out and try to find a more individual voice if you haven't already,  because you may well have something to say that is uniquely never know until you look, right?....😉

    Regardless, well done, it is a very nice and extremely competent piece imv.
  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for taking the time to listen to the music. I really appreciate that,
    also your analysis of the piece in many aspects. Thanks for that. I send you a PM.

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