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  • Help! Emergency!

    This afternoon, out of the blue, all of my VSL libraries stopped loading. Both in the Synchron Player and VI Pro, none of my libraries show up. The drives where the libraries are stored are intact and working. I've re-booted and re-loaded Logic several times, but it's as if everything had been deleted. No idea why or what to do. 

  • I moved one of the installed libraries to a different drive and used Vienna Assistant to re-locate it. Still nothing. I've got a message into support. Does anybody know if they respond on weekends?  

  • Did you check your iLok, if it doesn't get authorization the libraries won't even appear.

  • Yes, ILM is current, the iLok is working and all the libraries are authorized. But I am starting to suspect the problem is related to the iLok licensing, since none of the libraries show up in either Synchron Player or VI Pro even after they've been newly re-installed on a different drive.

  • After realizing that the project I had discovered the problem on had, by weird chance, not one other of my many iLok-licensed plugins in it, I tried loading some. Sure enough, it was iLok all along (Insert WandaVision music here). Unlike VSL, some other plugins did specifically report there was no valid license even as I stared at them in ILM. I'm not 100% sure what the issue was, but the iLok needed to be refreshed. Maybe due to a recent re-up of ZDT? I'm reasonably certain I received no notifications of any needed actions, so the lack of feedback is annoying, and this is the first time I've run into this after many years of iLok use. In any event, problem solved, though the source remains a mystery.

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    @seanmccoy said:

    but the iLok needed to be refreshed. Maybe due to a recent re-up of ZDT?

    I don't have ZDT, but have read this notice on the ilok website!zdt-coverage

    If you enable the TLC option, your iLok will need to be seen by our server at least once every 90 days for a Refresh operation. This Refresh enables your licenses to continue working for an additional 90 days. If the iLok is not seen by our server by the end of the Refresh period, the licenses on it will cease to authorize your software. Using iLok License Manager to do the Refresh operation will immediately reinstate your licenses.

  • Good find. Neither my PC or Mac workstations are normally online, but I have to connect them from time to time for updates, etc. I guess I've just been lucky up until now that this process has been happening transparently.