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  • VEPro7 Save on Quit won't Quit


    Using latest VEPro - 7.1.1298.

    Is it a bug or something else? When in Windows 10 I click on X (close window) and answer Yes to question "do you want to save changes?" (even no changes was made), VEPro doesn't quit. It saves again the project and stay active. Then I click X again and answer No - it quits immediately.

    1. Should VEPro offer to save project if there was no changes made?

    2. Should VEPro stay active if Close command executed?

  • 1. Maybe it shouldn't, but it does, it always has. Cubase/Nuendo does the same but not absolute consistency.
    Auto save may be turned off in Preferences.

    2. it should quit. Turn that part off and no such problem. The best quit scenario at the moment here is File/Delete All Instances (even if there's but one), then quit. Much of the time the first part of that takes a fraction of a second, it may take 2 or 3 seconds. Then quit is clean and as quick as it's going to do it. In older systems quit here frequently would hang and I became accustomed to force-quitting. Force quit won't hurt anything, but I have to be really pressed for time to need the 1 or 2 seconds.

  • It sounds like "to fill gas in car, you should close all windows". Thank you very much, but I see any software other way than a trash. It means that if Close operation is executed, it should exit. If something is modified, it should ask for saving changes. On any answer only if success it should exit. Period. Yes, Steinberg and VSL programmers are too lazy to understand the flow customers are working in. They are working for us, not we for them. This isn't first time I state this and I'm not the only one who see this arrogative attitude.