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  • Merging Instances

    Sorry in advance... kind of a long post:

    With the latest iLok version of VEPServer, while everything is now working fine, I'd like to merge two of the instances (A into B), having read that it's more efficient for the computer. But, there seems to be no easy way to do this. Also, what I can't seem to find is a clarification of the difference between a single instrument's Matrix and a Channel Set.

    • Copying the Channel Set from instance A, then in Instance B inserting a Channel Set always results in a crash (this has been mentioned elsewhere).
    • Copying a Matrix from A and trying to paste it into an empty Channel/Instrument in Instance B is not possible; when right clicking on the title field in B's instrument, the "Paste Matrix" option is greyed out. But strangely enough, the Paste option is active if I go back to A''s instrument and right-click on that Matrix's title bar.

    With the goal being to merge Instance A into B, what am I missing? There should be no=brainer kind of way to do this, shouldn't there?

    Thanks in advance for helpful suggestions. And if a video would be helpful, I'll gladly do one.

  • Well, a Matrix is VI Pro, a Channel Set is VE Pro, two different applications.
    A Channel Set is channels in the mixer, one or many. For me this is utterly kaput, they are not recognized at all, old or new one. So rebuilding, which has been absolutely necessary here, is pretty daunting.