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  • Thank you, Paul.

    I understood from your first reply that I need iLok key. I don't have any and in case we are going to reach dongle-free setup I really don't want to buy one. Otherwise I don't see it serious to switch from one dongle to another.

    I have two eLicenser dongles and all was working well.

    Why VSL licenses are not available to activate on machine? Otherwise the term "cloud" cannot be applied to this pseudo cloud, because it's just a pocket. With a "cloud" in computer technology we understand a controlled access by multiple users from anywhere. In case of software licensing there could be only a check of which computer can access which library or software. As it logically should be.

    I would like to buy another BBO library for 65 euros, not paying 55 euros for iLok dongle to use it in "dongle-free" setup.

    I reinstalled previous version of VEPro7 on my slave computer and now everything is working as before. All dongles are connected and I'm ready to compose on pseudo-dongle-free setup.

    P.S. One little bug in new VEPro7 (version 7.1) - if I load a server project saved with version 7.0 and there were used Vienna Matrix Mixer Pro, it isn't recognized.

  • Hi, 

    Just quickly addressing all the points you made:

    • Machine-based licensing is not safe enough for our niche product. It would be cracked within minutes. 
    • iLok currently allows ONE Cloud Session per account.
    • Terminology is always up for discussion, but we don't have an influence on this. 
    • If you purchase a new product, you will have to switch all other products for that players to iLok. No way around it. 
    • Please send such a project to, we will take a look!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Okay, Paul, all is clear, but there are inconvenience you really don't want to understand or ignore.

    In a version of one eLicenser dongle many users were able to run any library and soft without internet. Right? Now it's gone. If they use iLok Cloud they need an internet connection to start VEPro7.

    The phrase "now all computers are connected" won't work in many cases. So many of us are pressed to buy iLok dongle. As I wrote - then why this move? eLicenser was working great for years. But if one company is going to get rid of dongles, then another company entangles nets deeper with dongle system. If your company has good programmers who made such great players and libraries, why they don't made autonomous licensing system like Steinberg did, like SpitfireAudio have for years???

    I understand that you are tired of me, but please take it serious...

    About your point "Machine-based licensing is not safe enough for our niche product. It would be cracked within minutes.", please open Google and type "crack iLok". Probably you will be surprised. So if someone need to get any software for free, he can get it in many ways. Less than a minute!

    Here is the excerpt from post in KVRaudio forum:

    "If you are using iLok now, you are losing business. I, and many like me, will never ever buy your product. iLok inconveniences your *legit* customers. It does nothing to prevent piracy, any decent cracker can crack iLok protected code and any idiot can find cracks online. If we purchase your software, it's because we believe in supporting companies and doing the right thing. It's not because we have to because of your obsolete technology choices. All iLok does is make my life more difficult should I choose your product, and with all the fantastic new plugin companies that don't use it, I don't need to put up with that."

    So please work with customers, not with pirates! They were, are and will be always. As I said if there is one wise man who invented uncrackable system, there will be ten or hundreds the same wise people who can crack it. The excerpt tells everything - "iLok inconveniences your *legit* customers".

    I understand that the truth is in both sides, but you and your team should know how inconvenient can be this move for some (probably for many) of your customers.

    As long as it will be possible I will use old VEPro7 v7.0 version on my server, while using iLok cloud on main computer. This works for me because server holds BBCSO, huge Kontakt libs etc, not VSL.

    So thank you for your patience, Paul. My respect to you, but take a look on Google search results. Sometimes you have to be able to stop and see your mistakes. (not your's, but company's).

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    @ANeeman said:

    Oh that's interesting we can only use our iLok cloud from one machine at a time?

    So, I'm looking at buying a second computer, soley to run VEPro Server and the PI's, while keeping the first for the DAW and the associated functions (editing, mixing..). I was thinking that I'd be able to do this with the same iLok Cloud account; for instance the all the PI's relegated to the networked machine, and the mixing tools (Waves, etc..) relegated to the main machine. I thought that as long as I don't try to open a second instance on the other machine, I should be ok. But are you saying that this is not the case?

    According to the video, it seems I can keep my dongle on 1 computer, and use the cloud with the other computer. At least I don't need to buy a second dongle. But please let me know if I am correctly understanding this.


    Thanks in advance

  • Yes, you can use iLok cloud on one machine and iLok dongle on second machine. It's correct. All my post is about inconvenience.

    But we still not talking about big problems - no one will convert your server projects to work with new version.

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    @ANeeman said:

    Yes, you can use iLok cloud on one machine and iLok dongle on second machine. It's correct. All my post is about inconvenience.

    But we still not talking about big problems - no one will convert your server projects to work with new version.

    That was my next question... so you're saying that Vienna hasn't yet released an updated Server App for iLok that will work seamlessly just as the pre-iLok version worked? I went through that incredible hassle at first, only to reinstall the older version and everything again worked as it had.

  • Yes, now - after hours of digging and fighting I installed old pre-iLok VEPro versions (7.0.1120) on both machines, but I leave libraries as iLok versions. And I tested - all is working great - updated libraries are loading correctly in updated Synchron Player (1.2.1120) while servers are old (7.0.1120).

    Probably VSL will correct all bugs soon, but I'm not ready to be beta tester. I spent two days to do nothing but just testing what works and what doesn't.

    And again... "iLok inconveniences *legit* customers", but who cares?! The goal is to prevent hundred pirates to do things while thousands feel inconvenience.

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    @ANeeman said:

    And again... "iLok inconveniences *legit* customers", but who cares?! The goal is to prevent hundred pirates to do things while thousands feel inconvenience.

    That's always the case. We've always had to and will probably always have to deal with. Good ole' human nature.

  • Hi Paul, 

    I highly recommend you to add iLOK to be linked into a registered computer. 

    This would solve the Cloud session issues as well as the need of buying these iLOK keys in numbers.

    Holder of 3 VE Pro 7 licenses and 3 eLicenser KEYs



  • Hey Petri,

    I've just come across your reply here.

    I'm facing the prospect of having to buy x12 iLok dongles.   So, are you saying that it is possible to run my x12 VEPRo7 licenses on my x12 networked Dell servers without the need for buying a load of new iLok dongles?

    How do I go about doing this?


    Many thanks,


  • No, Jonathan, Petri wrote that it would be nice if licenses could be bound to a computer as it is with many licenses for plugins.

    But now you will need to buy 12 iLok dongles to run your 12 servers. Congratulations, sorry! This is the cost for the move. It will cost you some 650 euros.

  • But this could be done one server at a time over a long period

    Dorico, Notion, Sibelius, StudioOne, Cubase, Staffpad VE Pro, Synchon, VI, Kontakt Win11 x64, 64GB RAM, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, August Forster 190
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    @prahja said:

    ... the need of buying these iLOK keys in numbers.

    Long time gone since last reply here. Also Paul is silent 😞

    So, Petri, did you buy a bunch of iLok keys?

    BTW, every company is going dongle-free, but we here need to buy iLok keys. Is this a future like 10-20 years back?

  • I have to echo the concerns stated in this post about iLok dongles.

    "iLok inconveniences *legit* customers"

    This is something that needs to be more fully understood, particularly in the context of the purpose of a software such as VEP which *is meant to be distributed among multiple computers*. It seems that VSL have not done the work to problem solve this adaptation as the new scheme is crippling the main purpose of the software by incurring a hefty tax for running multiple servers. 12x iLok dongles is a mess and makes VEP look *very* unattractive for people running serious systems that need to upgrade into the future. I have been on the fence about using VEP7 in a large upcoming server farm in new studio, but this iLok situation is intolerable, so I will be working with other solutions. 

    Even Steinberg found it suitable to go dongle-less while also not requiring an internet connection.


    Please retrace your steps, admit there were mistakes made and make an effort move forward with an alternative method which does not incur such a large penalty to operate.

  • Hi there! A copy-protection that is breached in less then 24h after release is not a suitable solution imo. - Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
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