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  • Synchron player + VEP7 problem

    I'm experiencing really weird behaviour with my setup. I have a Mac master, a Mac slave and a PC slave connected via VEP7 (au3). With my Mac master and Mac slave everything is just smooth sailing, but the PC slave is partially giving me gray hair. In the PC slave instance of VEP I have VI player instruments, EW Play instruments and Synchron Player instruments. The VI and  EW instruments are working just as they should, but with the Synchron instruments every single triggered note (and I really mean every note!) keeps playing forever and ever as if there were no note off messages with the PC Synchron player instances at all. So at this point I can use only short notes with my Synchron player instances on my PC, because otherwise everything is just chaos. I've checked that there are no sustain-on commands and even set sustain-off commands to the start of every track, but it doesn't help.