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  • VE PRO 7 and Freezing Tracks

    Given the Fact that after opening one instance you have to Connect
    to it thru MIDI Tracks, how do we go about Freezing Tracks while using
    VE PRO 7, in this case in Cubase 10.5 and 11 both Pro.
    I assume that is impossible except on the first Track where the actual
    VSTi Instance of VE PRO is opened. Am i wrong?
    I wish instead of MIDI Tracks we can just keep opening more VE PROs
    and keep connecting to the same Instance in Ensemble...this way no 
    for MIDI Tracks and saves a lot of other hustle.


  • I just tested a little does Freeze the MIDI Tracks but it freezes
    everything completely, even the ones with no data on them, so i guess
    it is basically freeze all at once or nothing...which is still not so bad.

    Maybe a workaround could be copying the same Instance to add
    more Tracks while keeping the other frozen?

    Which brings up another point...i tried tonight for the first time.
    How do i actually export Audio from MIDI Tracks since everything
    connected to VE PRO is MIDI and not VSTi, how do i export each Track?


  • Anyone anything?

  • I haven't used freeze for... over a decade. After all, freeze is rendering audio, only it's hidden from view while freezing a MIDI track. I still have one thing I commit a render to for the duration even as I can keep everything up in realtime today.

    In Cubase, go to Export Audio and there is a second tab to the right of what appears by default, Multiple rather than Single. In there you may choose exactly which Instrument channels in VE Pro you want to render.
    So if the goal is to isolate a single MIDI track there's still that bit of management, ie., ensure the MIDI track is only coming back as the one stereo out (by muting or selection).


  • "since everything connected to VE PRO is MIDI and not VSTi,"

    Everything in VE Pro is a virtual instrument or a virtual effect plugin. So it's reflected the same as any other instrument plugged into Cubase; VE Pro is a VSTi hosting other vsts or AUs (or an AU hosting etc etc)..

    So, additionally, you may "Render in Place" (sometimes called bounce in place) which looks like this:


  • right-click menu. If there are FX instantiated inside Cubase for the resultant Instrument Chennel, *Settings* there needs to be attended to, or no FX are in the result.

  • Thank You Sir!