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  • How do I use MIR Pro as a plugin

    I would like to use MIR Pro as a plugin with Audacity to mix recorded audio files.   Is there a VST plugin dll that I I could copy to use with Audacity? Both MIR Pro and VE Pro are working fine on my computer.   I would greatly appreciate if someone could give me some instructions/tips on how to set it up.  Thanks.

  • MIR Pro comes in two flavours:

    - "Full-fledged" as part of Vienna Ensemble Pro, with automatic instrument detection for Vienna Instruments and other goodies,

    - and as a "Plug-in version" which gives you the same results sound-wise, but with less built-in automatisms when it comes to Vienna Instruments. Available formats are VST II and AAX for Windows and Mac, and AU for Mac only.

    All of them will be installed during the conventional installation process. But as far as I remember you can de-select any of these formats, and you can change the installation path manually. If your DAW supports the aforementioned formats, but still can't find the plug-in, I suggest to re-install MIR Pro and to make sure that all the necessary components are in the expected place. I never worked with Audacity, though, so maybe there are other factors to consider which I'm not aware of.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks, Dietz I can insert the MIR Pro in Audacity now.

    I have another question related to MIR.  My new laptop's display resolution is 3840x2160 and I already scaled the text size up to 250% but the text display in MIR is still unreadable.   Is there a setting in MIR that allows me to adjust the text size?  Thanks.


  • Not yet, sorry to say so.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • No problems...I hope we will have the support for high resolution displays in the near future.