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  • Feature Request: Decoupled Re-Connection

    VEP crashes on my machine frequently.
    Even with saving projects all the time both in coupled and de-coupled mode I end up in a situation where I have to manually re-connect instances from within Logic Pro to VEP. This is very tiring with over 30 VEP instances.

    It would be nice if there was a feature that could scan for the broken connections and upon matching instance names/patch names it re-connects disconnected instances.

    Would that be a possibility?


    Another thought could be if it was possible to isolate instances containing hanging or crashing plugins and offer a chance to re-start/reload the offending instance without killing the entire VEP session?

  • Running decoupled and preserved allows you to reload any instance in your Server Project while connected, affecting no other instance nor your DAW project (unless there is something else wrong).
    I would actually recommend not going back and forth, not seeing a real upside to running coupled with 30 instances

  • Sure, so far the theory. In practice however, there are plenty of times when after a crash all the instances have to be re-connected manually. And yes, my instances are always set to "preserved".

    Then it would be nice to have a button that helps finding lost connections.

  • Hi, 

    Thanks for the input - that's added to our wishlist now. 

    What exactly makes your VE Pro crash so often?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Tracking down these crashes is tricky as the crash reports do not reveal enough detail. All I know it is Kontakt after sitting idle for two or three days. It appears that during that time eventually the CPU meter within Kontakt turns red and hits 100% (this must be the result of a CPU leak) and that causes Kontakt to freeze. Everything then has to be force quit and the usual crash report appears. Some months ago I already had an exchange with VSL support about that (I i sent in in crash reports). Since then I moved from a Mac Pro 2013 to a Mac Pro 2019, from Mojave to Catalina and the same issue happens on the new machine. Needless to say I keep Logic, Kontakt and VEP updated.

    The "wishlist" makes me curious. Do items on this list have a realistic chance to become reality?

  • Hi Crescendo, 

    Thanks for the description, that makes sense, and I know that Kontakt can be very tricky this way. 

    We're updating our wishlist all the time and keep track of user wishes - and then it's a combination of urgency and programming effort that  determines the next steps. 

    This request, for example, is the first one for such a feature in the 10 years of Vienna Ensemble Pro, but it could fit in well with other network improvements. Sorry that I can't give you an ETA.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL