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  • Poll Closed! BBO: YMIR will be a children’s choir!

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    Having released 25 Big Bang Orchestra packs, we thought it’s time to ask our valued customers about their wishes. We let YOU choose what to record for the upcoming Big Bang Orchestra: Ymir.

    Vote and win through December 23!

    We will give away 3 Big Bang Orchestra: Ymir libraries among the participants. 😉

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Wagner Tubas, please!

  • Legato Performance Combos sounds very intriguing -- any details on which combinations that might entail?

    If it's open to influence, I'd love to see some cross-section (woodwinds + brass + strings) combos, since there are fewer of them available. Maybe Oboes + Clarinets with Bassoons + Horns an octave below, or something more eccentric like Clarinet + Violas (con sord) with Tuba an octave under.

  • I vote for the performance legato

  • Maybe we're lucky and in the end all the instruments will pretend they won the poll. Then we'd get all of them. :D

  • I would have loved a Harp with more options than the one in the Special Editions.

    However, failing that the Legato Combos would be nice too....

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    @figueira said:

    Wagner Tubas, please!


    Wagner Tubas would be nice, also childrens choir or regular choir especially with word builder (but ofc this could be too work intensiv to integrate into synchron player)

  • @mantrum I agree with you about a possible Harp library, especially a comprehensive glissando Harp one. It would be such an amazing time saver to have glissandos in as many keys & scales as possible at your finger tips The ones currently available in the VI series are somewhat lacking and could benefit from a better layout. 

  • Y stands for Youth Choir, I would like that very much. 

    New epic energy comes from youth. In films, choir voices of young people can be replaced by nothing. The Big Bang Orchestra would benefit greatly from youthful sopranos.

    In addition, I have been working with computer art since 1992, where I also won prizes. These activities I always practiced as a sideline, mostly as a hobby. Currently I have started to work in the field of art as an AI operator.
  • Fist of all I have to commend you and your team for producing these amazing products,love the idea of asking your customers for ideas,it's very thoughtful, for me one of the most beautiful instruments is the vocals, a children choir possesses  a very powerful yet angelic sound craved by the best composers for hundreds of years,it has the power to elevate any composition with grace and magic, it's a one of a kind sound, mystical and evocative, would love to see a library from Vsl with the famous  Vienna Boys Choir or something to that extent, I have no doubt it will be a great success.

    Kind regards.

    Ricardo da Silva

  • If it will be performance legatos, I hope we will be able to load the individual patches in the existing instrument presets. For example, some are debating about legato smoothness in the Synchron Strings I and Pro. Having alternative patches to be used in the existing presets would allow fine control on the legato speed by selecting the appropriate patch via speed or CC control.


  • Great work with all BBO Libraries!

    I would love to have String Ostinatos :D

  • Voting for String Ostinatos 

  • Voting for Children Choir

  • If it's similar in depth/functionality to Ganymede (i.e. separate sections, legato, clusters, etc.), then I vote Children's Choir.

  • Now I have full BBO package and I vote for performance legato but I would like to have some plucks Harps, Guitars, Upright bass.... maybe big band brasses. Saxes, Cornets...

  • All that need to play John Williams Operas !

  • Since I think the performance Legatos in Zodiac are great I voted for it.

    A children's choir would also be charming!

    Stringruns, similar to the Woodwinds Solaris I would buy immediately.


    BBO is great, big praise to the whole VSL team!

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    I also voted for Children Choir.

    But actually, to be honest, I wished it would be recorded on the Silent Stage. I need more VI libraries! 😢 There are so many instruments which haven't been recorded yet.

  • As they are already many legato combo in BBO, I'm a bit skeptical in what a Legato Performance Combos can bring new in the table.

    I think child choir could be a nice contribution in the collection, as I suggested in Ganymede, a patch "short with random syllable" would be really awesome.

    And the cherry on the cake, like some said, a pack with all "big scores" missing instruments (Harp, Sax, etc. and maybe some original like an electric guitar)