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  • [SOLVED] Cubase expression maps w VEpro ?

    Hey everyone,

    Just wondering there's a way to use the expression maps feature in Cubase w Vepro? I'm using EW HW Strings etc , I managed to get it to work with the key switch patches using C0 note on etc but can't make a custom one where you load several articulations into PLAY and create the Exp map using the channels. Any help would be great.




  • bump

  • I just figured it out. The routing was a little confusing. Incase anyone else is stuck here's what I did.

    1. I load an instance of PLAY with 4 articulations in VEpro and set the midi channels in PLAY to correspond with the Expression map in cubase
    so I have VE PRO plugin Midi in 1 - All- 
    PLAY channels 1-4 
    2. in cubase I load a midi track set to midi channel 1 ( 01 Vienna ensemble pro midi in 1) 

    3. to add next instrument repeat but you need to make the next plugin go out on VE PRO plugin Midi in 2 - All- and in cubase make the midi channel 
    01 Vienna ensemble pro midi in 2

    probably pretty obvious to most but took me a min.