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  • Cat 5e, Cat6, and latency?

    Hi folks - I’ve been replacing network cable in my house lately, and though that’s a separate network from my VEPro network (obviously), I’m wondering about something. Cat 5e and Cat 6 will both do Gigabit Ethernet over shorter distances, but Cat5e is rated as having a smaller data bandwidth - so less data, even though it will conform to the basic spec of 1000BaseT. I’m wondering if anyone at VSL or in the user base has established (with evidence) whether or not the increased bandwidth of Cat 6 (or even Cat 6A) translates to any ability to lower the buffer multiplier, or if the logjam for that relies more on the power of the CPU’s of the computers in the network. I have a feeling that latency isn’t so much dependent on cable data bandwidth but That bandwidth allows for more channels of audio traveling back and forth. Bonus points for anyone using a 10Gb Ethernet network (added on as an upgrade, because otherwise there would be no basis for comparison) who can speak to any difference there. Thanks.