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  • VE Pro 7 - Server Project 'forgets' latest saved version - Cache bug?

    I have created a template and have saved the server project. I also have saved all individual instances as well as Kontakt Multis.

    As soon as I start VE Pro 7 and load the latest saved project it appears to be a saved version 2 or 3 times behind the latest one. I then have to individually update the instances and reload respective Kontakt Multis.

    Of course I re-save the updated instance and also the entire project. But every time - reproducable - when I load the last saved project again it reverts back to an earlier version (which, by itself I do not even officially have anymore). Is this a chaching issue?

    Also, perhaps unrelated(?) - every time I select "save" from the menu to save an instance it acts like "save as" - even though the instance file does already exists and should be simply overwritten as "save" should do.

    Can someone help/explain what's going on?

  • Any ideas on this...?