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  • Is 'MIDI activity focus' in VEPro bugged?

    It's just completely unreliable, Sometimes it works fine, sometimes not, it's impossible to tell. I'm just checking to see if it's a known bug before I raise a support request.

    Also, is it supposed to work when an insturment is in a folder, or can it not auto-expand? I couldn't find an answer in the manual to this one.



  • Hi Mike, 

    MIDI Activity Focus is kind of "intelligent" there... it only listens if you solo a channel or trigger a few notes on only this channel.

    If you trigger a few notes fast, it will switch to the selected channel faster, with slow notes it needs more time (to prevent accidental switching). 

    Making folders open is a good idea - maybe we can add this as an option. Added to our wishlist. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Ah, thanks Paul, that makes sense now! Apologies for not being able to find that in the manual, if indeed it's mentioned.

    I'm glad you think the folders Idea works - I have so many instruments loaded in VE Pro that it would quickly become overwhelming without some form of folder organisation. What would be doubly amazing then (if we're thinking feature requests) would be to open folders, focus on midi activity and simultaneously close other folders.

    I'm am incredibly grateful for my ignorance in not knowing how difficult this may or may not be to accompllish...

    Many thanks!