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  • Automate Channel Enable/Disable using Midi CC button on Oxygen61

    I'm trying to set up a button, not a slider, on my midi keyboard (M-Audio Oxygen61) which toggles the selected track in Logic to enable/disable the corresponding channel in VEPro. I'm using Automation Mapping in VEPro 6 for this, 'learning' the button's CC number (in this case CC26) and 'learning' the enable/disable feature by clicking the power button to the left of the channel in VEPro. It seems to learn the command fine, showing '... Controller 26' as the Source and '2 Play 1/Disable' as the Destination. There isn't a dropdown option for Enable in the Destination section, and clicking the CC26 multiple times only enables the channel from a disabled state - it can't return it to a disabled state (despite the destination actually being disable rather than enable).

    If I set the Source to one of the sliders, 127 (max) disables the channel, and 0 enables it. So, the feature seems to work in reverse and only on sliders, not buttons.

    So, my questions:

    1. Can the direction be reversed of the feature, so 127 is enable and 0 is disable?
    2. Can the command be set to toggle from a button, rather than a slider?
    3. Can I also just check that there isn't a feature in VEPro 6 that loads the channels in an unloaded state, and only loads the samples into RAM when midi notation is received?

  • I've solved issue no. 2, which was the button only disabling - it was a setting on my midi keyboard where the button only output a set value rather than a range/toggle.

    Still not sure about questions 1 & 3, though.