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  • MirX extensions for Synchron Stage

    I wonder if any other users are frankly getting tired of these mini releases and "synchronised" releases...

    ...why not release the MIR-Pro extensions for the Synchron Stage for correct instrument placement and EQ etc.? That would be far more helpful to me, and I'm sure a lot of other users.

  • Yes Yes YES

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  • YES!!! Thanks for that! I miss the time when VSL released ambitious products like Dimension Strings. And the SYNCHRON-ized series doesn't make any sense to me. It makes me crazy that they waste their time synchron-izing libraries that already exist instead of creating new products. VSL has been promising us the MIRx Synchron Stage for years and we're still waiting. I'm disappointed.

  • The SYNC'ed SE is for me a worthy product because you don't get only the MIR reverb but also loudness matched samples. You don't have to fuss around any more to get a reasonable realistic sound. IMHO you get the room sound, balanced samples and a more convenient UI.

    The new plucked instruments the issue of sound balancing is less important. If you don't care for the UI you get the room sound for 20,- (if you already own the lib). Here I agree, paying for a MIRx extensions makes more sense than buying a SYNC'ed version of everything.

    That said I like the Synchron Player. So now that I have SYNC'ed version I want to use MIRx extensions for them. After all they were recorded dry anyway, Yes, I could use MIR PRO. But that's way to expensive for private use.

    So, yes for a MIRx Synchron Stage extension and yes to bring MIRx to the Synchron Player.


    PS: Anyway, I don't beleive you see a MIRx Synchron Stage unless all old libs have been released SYNC'ed.

  • Synchron Extension/274615

  • If you own VI PRO you also cannot switch easily to Snchron Player as you loose everything you paid for.

    So at least a special version of MIRx Synchron Stage only for VI PRO would be fair.


  • Like many others, I've been waiting for MIRx Synchron Stage for a long time. And sadly, I'm becoming increasing doubtful that VSL will ever release it.

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    @mschmitt said:

    Like many others, I've been waiting for MIRx Synchron Stage for a long time. And sadly, I'm becoming increasing doubtful that VSL will ever release it.

    It's not in the interest of VSL to release it. Perhaps if they have SYNCHRONized every single one of their old libraries.

    I've lowered my expectations to get the MIRX for Synchron Stage only in the VI PRO player.


  • +1 on  MIRx Synchron Stage. Way overdue...

  • Also a +1 from me

    I definitely miss an easy possibility to blend Synchron instruments with non Synchron instruments. Alternatively also a Vienna Suite Synchron IR and some presets would be a solution I'd be willing to pay for ... Or somebody who can create some templates to at least match Synchron reverb a little ...

    MIR 24 + Synchron Room pack would be the way to go, but is a little but over my budget