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  • Correct routing for FX Sends in VE Pro

    Hi there,

    I'm setting up my percussion slave, and to take a bit of strain off the master, I'm running my reverb on the slave as well. I'm in the process of routing my VSL Percussion instruments into my (Cubase) template, and have created an output for timps, snares, large drums, tuned percussion etc etc.

    The signal flow of VEPro seems to demand that an FX track (on a bus) has its own routing, rather than simply returning directly to the origin of where it's sent, do I have this right? If so, I'll have to set up reverbs for each of my routing groups, which is a little processor-intesive, so I'd rather not do that.

    Am I misunderstanding something about the signal flow? The manual is a little light on detail here...

    Thanks so much for any help!


  • Yes, you are correct. You have a send and return concept when offloading FX to VEP. It isnt an insert in the traditional routing sense.

  • Thanks for replying! Hmm, this will present something of a challenge, as I'm sending many buses out of VEPro and into Cubase (for mixing purposes). I'll have to think of a different routing system.



  • You can send to a Group just as you can an FX channel, but Groups also seem slightly more flexible in terms of routing.