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  • Terrible performance with Dimension strings

    Hi all, I'm just re-facing the challenge of setting up the Dimension strings on my new DAW. I bought them, and abandoned them once, as the performance was so abysmal, but I'd put it down to an older computer. I now have a brand new DAW, with SSDs, 128GB RAM etc etc, and performance is still terrible. I can't play a single note without a popping sound at the start, and I have continual drop-outs. All of my other libraries from all other providers are working brilliantly, as are all of my other Vienna instruments, it's only the Dimension strings that are causing problems. 

    I've set the preload buffer to be 16384 (my other libraries run fine on 4096 after a bit of trial and error). I have 6 cores, and I'm attaching a screenshot of my other settings. 

    Extremely grateful for any advice, I really like the sound of the dimension strings, have paid a fair whack for them and would like to be able to use them.




  • Hi Mike!

    Please collect and provide following information, and maybe I can help you:

    - provide the exact model number of your CPU (example i5 8600k), your mainboard, your graphics card and your current Windows version (you find it if you open the app "winver", example Windows 10 1903)
    - create a benchmark of the drive where the samples are stored with CrystalDiskMark and attach the screenshot of the result
    - start a benchmark with LatencyMon, let it run for ~5 minutes and attach the result as screenshot
    - provide the name and model of your audio interface / soundcard
    - provide the selected audio engine settings in your DAW including: name of the selected audio-driver, buffer size, sample rate

    If you don't won't to attach these information here, feel free to send a mail to addressed to me and add a URL of this post in it.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Thanks very much Ben, much appreciated - just gathering this info now, I'll email it across.