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  • Logic X 10.4.7 / VEPro 7 - Crashing when closing plugin window

    Anyone else having this issue? When using the VE Pro 7 plugin (latest update) and Logix 10.4.7 - 

    Instance of VEpro connected to PC slave; plugin window open in logic - when I go to x out / close the small plugin window in logic, it crashes the program. It's happened on giant templates and very small templates of just a couple tracks. The only work around seems to be to Link the plugin window, choose a non VEpro track and then close the plugin window while something else other than VE pro is displayed. 

    I've attached a crash report. 


  • I cannot seem to reproduce this - is there something specific required in the project to reproduce, or does it occur also from a fresh project?

  • I also had this bug and it was only with the latest update of VEP7 (922).  When I went back to the latest previous version that I could find on the website (7.0.904) the problem no longer happened.

    I am running High Sierra with Logic 10.4.7. and the exact issue was the same, when closing a VEP plug in window Logic would crash.


    Hi, I had that problem too, also just happend after updating to the newest version of VEP.

    Always when closing a VEP plugin window logic crashed.

    After uninstalling and installing the previous version 7.0.904 everything is fine again.

    Mojave 10.14.6, Logic 10.4.7, running it on a MacPro 5.1

  • Same here, crash when closing the VEP-window.

    Mojave 10.14.6, Logic 10.4.6, iMac Retina, 32GB memory

  • Same here, except with VEPro 6.


    VEPro 6.0.18442
    Logic Pro 10.4.7
    OS 10.14.6

  • YES!!!!!!!!
    Just used the last 5 DAYS to completely reinstall my Mac Pro. And the problem is still there.
    Here is the error log:

    I will send the error log to VSL support.
    Really hope for a solution soon.

  • I found this app (?) to be the culprit in my crashes lately, I don't know anything about it, but maybe some one can translate it:

    Application Specific Information:
    MALondonIII | 64afe96199c0abb536d1562f0b96493eb3eade7adf2dc2a56ac920c93aeb2acd | ba18de1ef3711e8b242e506ecb720f7f23c346f8 | 2019-09-26_12:58:37

  • Same issue here ..

    .. both with a new project and with an old one.

    .. connecting to VEP Server is fine, but closing the VEP Plugin UI crashes Logic immidiately.

    .. OSX 10.14.6 / Logic 10.4.7


    .. should i send the crashlog to the VSL support (i already sent it to Apple)?

  • Hi Thomas, 

    This will be fixed with an update that will be released on tuesday. 

    If you want to check with a demo license, please contact us via


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul.

    .. my workaroung - simply not to close the GUI - works until tomorrow.

  • Hi
    I installed the Beta-update of Vepro 7 which hopefully will stop LPX from crashing when I close the server plug-in, but right now closing the Synchron Player crashed LPX 10.4.7. No crash-log.

    Really quite uncomfortable, hope you find a solution.

    Regards Stig

  • Hello, WHere is the BETA? It is unpleasant, cannot work! Such an update! The newest Logic and the newest VEP, sometimes it is just enough to click on the VEP instrument on the track! Please FIX IT ASAP

  • Hello friendly Adia, 

    Just uploaded new versions for VE Pro 7 and VE Pro 6

    Enjoy and stay happy!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul thank you, it seems it helped. Logic does not crash anymore! Thank you!

    By the way because I am not reading the forum all the time/

    1.Is there anything new about using NI and Complete with Synchron Strings?

    thank you 

  • Hi Adia, 

    You're welcome!

    "1.Is there anything new about using NI and Complete with Synchron Strings?"

    I'm afraid I don't understand the question. Are you talking about NKS?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • HELLO, is it well known issue? It is a disaster for me as I spent many many hours on creating my template!

    Does VEP7 work Properly with th AU3 plugin? It seems it stops sending MIDI to the VEP after some time of playing! Is it any well known problem? I use Logic and VEP on another computer! Please desperately help! Then all I can do is to restart the VEP7 because it freezes it sometimes. PLEASE HELP. I want to use the BBC orchestra, but it is not its problem.... :( SimplyVEP stops receiving MIDI on those ports! Any fix, PLEASE becasue I wuld need otherwise to spend another 3 days on reorganising my template!)

  • Hi Paul,

    It looks like you've only uploaded a mac version of the fix. Will there be a PC version available? I use logic on my master computer but my server is Windows 10. Thanks for looking into this.

  • Hello Agarn, 

    Nothing has changed for Windows, so you can stay with your Win version. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Hi Paul,

    When using VEPro on a Windows server (and therefore the windows version of VEPro) and Logic on a Mac, closing the plug-in window crashes Logic. Doesn't that mean the Windwos version needs to be patched as well?



    @Paul said:

    Hello Agarn, 

    Nothing has changed for Windows, so you can stay with your Win version.