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  • VEP 6 and Mac Mini setup


    I'm trying different configurations of VEP 6 on a Mac Mini late 2014 i7 3.0Ghz 16gb RAM to get the best performance in slave mode to a MP 5,1 running Cubase Pro 10. So far the best configuration seems to be one VEP instance per VST/AU instrument with a single thread and 4 buffers per instance. This seems overkill though as i assumed you could run one instance with max threads ( The Mm allows up to 4) and then run multiple instruments within that one instance. However with this configuration, the Mm struggles just running 3 VPS Avengers for example. But if initiate one instance per insturment, single thread etc. it kinda works ok.

    If someone could kindly explain and or advise best work practice, i'd be grateful. To be frank, i do find the setup options a tad complicated.

    Thanks in advance!