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  • Hi Heike,

    please send us the crash dumps to and we will investigate this.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Hello, having the same problem (already for months! And I updated synchronplayer all the time hoping to solve the problem. Now I have the latest 1175 version...)) but in studio one 4.6. The synchron player 1175 is crashing most of the time when I connect a automation-channel (eg.cc7) and edit this channel. When I change instrument, (by selecting another track) the whole thing crashes without any warning. I cant see any crashdump or make one. Sometimes, before crashing there is a loud noise, distorting the sound of all tracks. Stand alone, or using in Studio One without automation-channel, there is no problem at all. So, after some month I realy want to use my synchronplayer with the Smart Orchestra, Epic Orchestra and the BBO. Maybe I get so enthousiastic and buy many more syncronized sounds.. (they are great, I know...), but for now, Im waiting... I am waiting until the problem with the player is solved. Duck. I5 3550, 16Gb, audiobox-usb96. All drives SSD 1.5 Tb. Multi (3) monitor setup.

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    Hi Duck,

    Why are you using such an old version of the Synchron Player?

    1765 is the latest one.

    If that doesn't help, please send crah dumps and project to, so we can look into it.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul,  I am very sorry I noted the synchron player as v 1175, indeed thats  from very long time ago. I am using the latest version v 1765.

    And can you tell me where I can find the crashdump, or how to make one. Most of the time synchron player shutting down suddenly, no messages... no crashdump?

    I can send you the total project of course, but its a Studio One 4.6 project, is that a problem?

    Thx in advance,