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  • VEPRO 7 performance seems counter-intuitive to me??


    One thing that has perplexed me for over 5 years is WHY when I raise my RME latency (on main) from say 256 to 1024, would the streaming (via VEPRO) from the 3 slaves  GET WORSE (dropouts)???   It seems so counter-intuitive to me.  You think the extra buffers would give 'time' for the VEPRO 'traffic cop' to keep things flowing well.



    I have posted this here before and never got an answer to it.  :(   So...........I live with 512 buffer to mix at and if CPU issues come about in the mix, then freeze various instruments.   Kinda a workflow killer but doing it so long now I just accept.




    Any possible answers/solutions?


    (and don't get me wrong - VEPRO is one of the most important pieces software I own - just this one thing :( )