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  • VEP7 Mixer Solo Button inconsistent

    I'm finding that the zone of the Mute button is fine - I can click anywhere within it's button area and it will activate.

    The same is not true of the Solo button. The zoneing/mouse click area does not cover the full size/extent of the button's surface area graphic.

  • We cannot reproduce this here. Any chance you could make a screen capture video explaining what you are experiencing?

  • I was being too critical.

    The Solo button zone is fine, more to the point it actually highlights on mouseover to signal when the mouse is over the active area of the button ... useful. Personally I like the button area to allow me to just touch the edge of a button with the point of the mouse cursor and it be immediately useable but it's not really further effort that's required to ensure the mouse is 'in the zone'.