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  • recorders patches and articulations


    Not all patches for the recorders appear to present the articulation suggested by the patch name and description in the manual. I remember there was mention of that already in a VSL forum some time ago, but I cannot find it with "search". Notably trills are not in the patches with that name (and the dynamics patches are not very, eehh, dynamic for some recorders, but that maybe in the nature of the instruments). Anyone else misses the trills, or found a work around ?



  • If I remember correctly there is a performance trill for the recorders. With that you can programm your trills. Or use the matrix that has already programmed trills. Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Thanks, for responding. I cannot find a trill patch anywhere, but sure I can make one but that is not a patch with a recorded trill then,



  • These instruments are like later VI in not having sampled trills.  They have instead a "performance trill" which is a specially recorded legato with very smooth and fast transitions that allow a trill to be played - but you have to actually play it, not just hold down a key and get a trill. 

    I actually like the older approach of actually sampling trills- for example, the Orchestral Strings have trills sampled up to major third intervals! -  but VSL decided to stop doing that.  

  • That makes it clear, thanks.

    (I do have quite some VI libraries that do have recorded trills; in single instrument brass, and wooodwinds, and also in Chamber strings and so I expected it also for the recorders)

    regards, Gerard

  • Sorry for the Off Topic ... but I wanted to request the following anyway ... in Melodyne Polymode you can edit the upper tone of a wholetonetrill a halftone higher and it sounds absolute convincing. I even did that for the Synchron Strings. Very good results. But since the Synchron Strings are an out of the Box solution, it would be so much better to have it integrated in the product ... [u]maybe for only one group of players.[/u] Paul, could you please put it on the list for an SS1 Update (1rst Violins only)? ... it works superfast in Melodyne to do that artificial and this task should not be too brutal for your Editing Team. Thanks.

  • Hi, 

    I don't even know why I am answering such a request in the RECORDERS thread. 

    Melodyne is a very advanced program and I agree, it works very well. However, Melodyne is NOT integrated in our sample player, and there is no similar audio processing available for us right now in the player.

    Also, we still prefer to record the samples we release.

    But of course there are MANY additional audio manipulation options available that can be applied to our samples, with very authentic to hyper-realistic to unexpected results - and you should use them!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Understood. Thanks.