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  • Writing automation in Nuendo crashes VEP 7 every time

    Nuendo 8.3.2

    OSX 10.4.4

    It's typing a value in, in the project window or the project browser, no can do.

  • And, VEP unloaded 25 automation slots from BFD3; crashed, I'd saved it just before the crash and the relaunch had them all unloaded again.

    Nice ideas, but this is more crashes in one day (a long day) than I've had in 10 yrs combined.
    I'm running preserved and decoupled, both VEP and Nuendo go down every couple of minutes. I've more or less been trained not to do anything in the status line in Nuendo, but normal everyday things like learning the automation to rebuild it causes hangs AND crashes. Lot of restarting the machine.

  • Thanks for the report. We're looking into this right now, and should have it solved asap!

  • thanks


    Yeah, I installed the update just now and the instance unloaded all those slots again.

    And I'm getting a horrendous phasing issue on the drums in that instance. 

    That was weird. I did have some instantial phase shifting, but that's all deleted; and it got worse, some totally clean things such as snare, in a jazz sort of part, were going crazy like there's multiple copies somehow with phase very messed with.

    So I have to roll it back for now.

  • Could you please send me any crash reports?

  • Will do.

    Done, sent a batch of

  • It also unloads a whole list of Kontakt automation, there in more than one instrument (BFD3's kept  the first 3 and it was only one instance doing it) as though the chennel was disabled. It isn't. 

    The weird phasing is just not there in VEP 6. Weirdly it's just in BFD3, but it's both mono and stereo outs. One thing, it is all in things which are outputted to their own VEP channels.

  • Referring to the topic: Located and fixed for next release.

  • Excellent. Also, the unloading of slots has ceased. This was the big showstopper for me.

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    @civilization 3 said:

    Excellent. Also, the unloading of slots has ceased. This was the big showstopper for me.

    What do you mean by "the unloading of slots has ceased"?

  • For several iterations of loading the initial version, VEP 7 unloaded some 25 parameters from Automation Map in one (of 3) instances of BFD3, and all of paramaters of two Kontakt instruments, and all of one Reaktor instance.

    [EDIT: as though they were disabled, and they assuredly were not.)

    At least the BFD3 and Kontakt parameters all do load since the second build, unsure about the chronology of the Reaktor since I have different saves one of them with it disabled (which is apparently normal to lose the Native Instruments parameters).


    [EDIT #2: the crash from editing a value in Status Line and then 'Enter' is no longer a crash. However, the new value is consistently 100% instead of what I typed.]