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  • VI-(PRO) STANDALONE and VIENNA SUITE much too tiny on Hi-DPI Notebook

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    On a Hi-DPI Laptop Monitor (here: DELL XPS-15; 3840x2160, Win10) the

    STANDALONE PLAYER (as well as all the VIENNA SUITE plugin windows) appear MUCH TOO SMALL on the screen.
    I suggest the standalone player to be virtually UNUSABLE on stage...  😔
    And older users will have troubles to even see what settings are possible in the vienna suite plugins ... 😶
    (fortunately this does [not yet] apply to me, but making settings is really tedious!)

    To VSL staff: there is a QT variable which resolves this problem (at least in part), I suggest this was done with the Vienna Ensemble and the Vienna Instruments (PRO) player.

  • Dear VSL,

    I (and I imagine many others) would gladly pay for an update to VI-Pro that offered even a single larger UI option, never mind scalability.

    It has been repeatedly requested and, no, synchron player is not a viable alternative for those of us with an investment in VI Pro configurations.

  • Hi, 

    We hear you. Right now, as you can probably imagine, the focus is on finishing VE Pro 7. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL