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  • (SOLVED)VE Pro 7 and Epic Orchestra 2.0 Offer

    Hi, the offer I got in my email is very tempting. I'm sure the epic orchestra would give me some new and useful sounds. How much better is VE Pro than the regular Vienna Ensemble? I've never used it.



  • Hi Michael, 

    Vienna Ensemble PRO 7 is not available yet, but you can already use VE Pro 6 with the VE Pro 7 license you will receive.

    There are quite some advantages over the standard Vienna Ensemble, most notably: 

    - You can keep your template loaded while you switch between your songs.
    - VE PRO loads and  manages all your 3rd party plug-ins and helps with both CPU and RAM management
    - you can connect multiple computers over network, distributing the workload. 

    If you'd like to check with a demo license, please contact us via, I'll set you up asap!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul, no need for a demo, I'm sold already. This is a fantastic offer. I can't wait.

    Also, thank you for your prompt reply. And your wonderful videos!