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  • Saving individua Cells, Slot(s)-Voices, Patches

    I can't seem to find a way to easily save just one Cell or any of theedited voice / patch contained within the Slots of that Cell.

    I'm I missing something ? 

    I know it's possible to save Presets, and Matrices, but a single Cell (and even a patch) are very usefull artifacts to be reused and hence preferably be stored independently of big Matrix structure ?

    I'm already thinking about using a single-cell Matrix as the smallest alternative.

    But of course, I do hope there is a more straightforward way to save/reuse them.


    Many thx for feedback,



    BTW : have checked all manuals I have, did I overlook something ?

  • Hi Joh, 

    Single-Cell matrices might be a good choice, as a resource, although I think it will be easier to add more alternatives to a matrix. 

    Patches cannot be stored, I'm afraid. That's also because these smales building blocks rely a lot on the additional settings in VI / PRO that are only saved with a preset or matrix. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • OK - will work with the single-cell matrix (as a starting point anyhow).