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  • Network license


    While moving the Vienna Key to a different computer has become less troubling, with the protection plan, I wonder if there is smarter way to at least share it on a home/studio network.

    Computer (at least, Macs) can access USB drives anywhere on the network, if they are allowed. At the same time, they should be able to access a Vienna Key, if connected to a different computer on the network.

    This would mean that musicians could let the Vienna software access the Vienna Key on the network. The key would not be moved, but will be accessible on the network.

    The result would be that the same key would work for the home and studio computer, without having to move it everytime.


  • This sounds reasonable. It's really all about the IP address on the local network. As long as you were on the same network, like 168.100.1.x, then it should work. After all, authorization IDs are tied to user accounts anyway.

    Or perhaps after they are authorized, they could be on a USB port of the hub that connects them. I just want access to what I paid for. Unfortunately, I can't split the Woodwinds and Brass from the Strings onto a seperate machine because a user cannot split up the Special Editions. Two would be quite fair. I just want to spread the load of my VSL products across a few computers. Users of the Synchron Steinway will realize exactly this.

  • What is the problem to split the SE !

    Dont you have seperate serial number per collection ?

    In that case you just need one Elicenser key per computer