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  • Issue: Changing settings in one VI Pro instance also changes all other instances

    HI all,
    I have been using VI Pro 2 with Apple's MainStage for years. Just got my computer completey restored to factory setting and am now encountering an issue I don't believe I've ever come across before. When I change the settings in one instance of VI Pro, all other instances in the project are also changed.

    Example: I assign CC2 (Breath) to "Expression" for my oboe. Now my harp also has CC2 mapped to "Expression" (obviously not something I want). And the same is true for all other instances.

    Maybe I'm missing something simple. But again, I can't remember encountering this partciular issue before.

  • Just checked to see if this is happening in Logic as well. Yep-- same issue is happening in Logic.

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    Here's a short video I just recorded of the issue in action:

  • Go to settings and un-check "Synchronixe Control Map"

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