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  • Mixing Strings FX 1 with MirX within Sibelius


    Hi all,

    I want to use the Synchron Strings FX 1 in Sibelius blended with my VSL Library (most of them but no Synchron). II would like to blend them with MirX (Vienna Konzert Hall etc.). Will this be satisfactory?

    Is there a link where I can here the close mic sound from the FX library?

    Also, Can the 6 sections (3 high, 3 low) be separated so I can can write each line from Sibelius?



  • Hello Leif!

    The Synchron FX Strings I library has been recorded in two groups: high strings and low strings. So the samples cannot be fully separated for every string section. There's a close microphone for every section, but there's no audio demo that singles out just the close microphones.

    The included samples are performances rather than single notes. So this library is better to use with DAW software than with notation software. That's also the reason why there is no dedicated Sibelius sound set.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library