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  • Using/Blending/Switching multiple libraries for orchestral string section



    I would like to setup the following string section scenario hosted by VE Pro 5/6:

    VSL Orchestral Strings (main library)

    VSL Chamber Strings (Used for divisi sections)

    OT Berlin Strings SFX (Vln 1, Vln 2, Vla, Celli, bass) - uses KONTAKT 6 (full version)

    Can I put all 1st Violins on channel 1 (all Vln 2 on channel 2 etc.) and switch between Orch Strings, Chamber strings, and Berlin SFX?

    or do I need to put Orch Strings on channels 1-5, Chamber strings on channels 6-10, and Berlin sfx on channels 11-15?

    My sequencer is Sibelius 2018 ultimate and I would be grateful to know the best way to set this up.

    None of the above libraries will be required to sound together. However, in the future I would like to blend VSL solo strings with orch strings as section leaders and soloists.



  • Hi Leif, 

    It's "only" MIDI, you can of course assign the same MIDI channel to different version of the sections. Just make sure that you are soloing/muting the right ones. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL