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  • VSL6 - WAVES 10 can't scroll all


    i've created .dll files with waveshell2vst64 from the waves complete bundle.
    All plugins are in \waves folder and they are detected from vsl (in preferences i can see all of them after a vst folder scan).
    When i try to add a waves plugin i can see just one page of plugins and i can't scroll to see all. 
    I've tried to separate the .dll in more than one folder (waves1, waves2..) but vsl show me just one \waves folder.

    what can i do?



  • Hi,

    really no solution for this? In VEP 5 there was no problem.

  • Hi angel777, 

    I'm afraid we currently really don't have a solution for the plug-in display behaviour. It is on the list, but not on the highest priority. 

    Sorry to have no better news. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi,

    try to use AUs not VSTs - I have the same problem: AUs are listed but from all of my waves VSTs only a few.
    There is also a guideline from waves how to manage v9 and v10 plugins on the same computer, maybe this can help.



  • Hi,

    I also experienced the same problem. (VEP 6.0.17011)
    The Waves plugin version is 10.

    There are two dll files, but the contents of WaveShell1 are not displayed.
    Only WaveShell2 will be displayed.
    At this time, I erased the WaveShell2, WaveShell1 was displayed, so I think that the file is not broken.
    In my situation, there is no third file so I do not know any more.


    * This sentence uses Google Translate.

  • Thiis beyond ridiculous 

    why not at least let us make our own categories if you can't fix a simple window tab issue. 

    Come on guys. I can code this for you if you really are that busy 

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    I've been trying to figure out the VSL/Waves conflict for two years now. Seems as if one of the two vendors could/would figure this out. Neither one of them are cheap and they are both big money makers in the plugin world. At least someone tell me how to get Studio Rack to work in VSL. I would be happy with that. I just want to get the really hungry Waves off onto my VSL slave so I can run my DAW without crashing.😶 Thank you world.😃

  • Really no workaround for this?

    Waves are the most famous plugins and i cant' see all of them for a simple TAB issue?

    please let us know..