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  • How to update a template

    I'm a little confused as to how I should be saving my VE Pro 6 template which I am updating by removing and adding instruments.

    I have added and removed instruments to my Logic Template and my vienna ensemble template is saving in coupled mode. 

    However, I each time I open this saved template in Logic, it takes forever for both the Logic session to open and it  the instruments in VE Pro on the slave machine are all re-loading each time.  

    Why is this happening? The whole point of me using VE Pro is to avoid waiting for instruments to load. 

    Could somebody explain becuase I am probably doing something wrong here.

    Is there a sticky or thread about this perhaps?

    Thank you,


  • Just to add to this:

    I just saved this template and quit my DAW (Logic).  I then reopened Logic, the same session/empty template which I had just opened and now VE Pro is loading samples and taking a while to load samples. 

    What am i doing wrong here?

  • If Logic is making VE Pro load samples, you are running VE Pro coupled_with Logic. Run it decoupled/preserve instance and Logic is not charged with this. You'll need to save all changes in the VE Pro instance(s) in this case.

  • Much appreciated thank you! 

    That did the trick!