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  • Tell Vienna Ensemble to use only Ethernet Port 2 on Mac Pro..?


    Maybe I am missing something - I have used VE for a long time. Sometimes I get issues with WiFi and other networks, and I would like to be able to designate which ethernet port on my Mac Pro VE uses. I want to force VE to use only ethernet port 2.

    Some software - like Dante Virtual Soundcard allows the user to choose the port very easily.

    But I cannot see this in VE - is it possible?



  • Each card will be on a different network. You choose the card by setting the fixed IP that you want to use.

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  • Does your Mac Pro has two Ehernet Port ?

    How many slave(s) do you have ? Mac ? PC ?

  • I do set a fixed IP in OSX/Preferences/Network/Settings - is there somewhere in VE that I tell VE to use a specific IP only?