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  • VEP Instances not saving microphone positions with Logic Projects

    Hey Gang.

    So, I thought I had all this preseved, coupled, decoupled business figured out, but apparently I dont. 

    I'm currently running VEP 5 (haven't been able to update due to ongoing projects) and Logic 10.3.something (again, a bit behind on the updates)

    I have one server running on my native computer and one running on an older Mac Pro.  I'm running them Preseved and Coupled. The reasoning being that preserving as we all know speeds up template loading, and coupled (my understanding being that it will save all the settings of the instruments within VEP). However I'm finding this to not be the case.  Specifically Mic positions within Spitfire libraries will cary over from my previous project and are not being saved with the session. Am I incorrect in thinking these should be saved with the logic project?

    Is this correct behavior or am I misunderstanding something.