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  • VEP 6.0.16999 Won't let me input the server address


    I'm on Mac 10.11.6 using Cubase Pro 9.5. 

    The newest version of VEP won't let me input the server address of my slave PCs manually, I normally have to type the address as my slaves are not in my server instances list.

    I double click in the area but nothing happens, has anyone experienced that before.

    Thank you


  • I got the same problem running VEP 6.0.16999 on Logic 10.4.1 on MacOS 10.13.4. and I haven't find a solution yet...:-(

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    I have to confirm this bug, and we are looking into it.

    In general, you shouldn't HAVE to type in your IP address to connect... all available servers should show up automatically if your network setup is correct....

    In any case You can always roll back to a previous version for now (use the included UNINSTALLER before, on OS X). Might take a little time until we can release a fix.

    Thanks for reporting (and for your patience).


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    thanks a lot for your quick response.

    I just found that I haven't checked "Advertise on local network" in the prefs-settings.

    After I checked it,  the server-instances show up in the list and there's no need anymore to manually enter anything - works!

    best regards,

    - Miro -