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  • Leopold Godowsky: "Devotion"

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    No. 1 of "Four Poems for Pianoforte." It's one of the easiest pieces Godowsky ever composed, but like all Godowsky, it's trickier than it sounds. It's realized on the Vienna Imperial - and with its combination of warmth and crystalline clarity, I cannot imagine a more appropriate instrument for this piece.

    Thanks for listening!

    --Mark Arnest

  • Beautiful piece of music, and a good example of the wonderful Vienna Imperial library, that really can sound very well, as it does here! I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing this.

  • The piano sounds great. I do not know how that could be improved upon. The library is as close to perfect as any sampled instrument could be.

  • Hi Mark,

    This is a very fine piano piece and so well, livelike performed, with the usual small irregularities in touching the keys and even a tiny detuning of E5.

    In one word, a brilliant and very credible performance of delightful music, on a magnificent instrument!

    Thanks for sharing,


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