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  • VEP6 How to have instruments automatically 'connected' after restart?

    Hi guys, just got VEP6.

    I'm having trouble keeping instruments connected to my daw after I restart. It seems that the instruments only keep connection if I shut my DAW computer down first, then shut down the VEP Slave, and then when I want to restart things, I have to boot up the Slave first, and then the DAW.

    So do I need to basically always have the slave running before I start my Daw projects? otherwise it will not automatically reconnect? And if I save the project when the Slave system is OFFLINE, it will save everything as 'disconnected', and force me to reconnect everything?


    I just want to make sure I know how to keep all my connections so I don't have to sit there and reconnect a million things. If my template were a couple hundred tracks, and I save the template while the slave system is disconnected for some reason, I lose all my connections?!!! is that how it goes?



    Windows 10 Pro on each computer

    Cubase 9.5

    VEP 6

    Connected via direct ethernet cable.

    Static IP on  both machines., and (daw)

  • I would also like to make sure I understand this correctly:

    You have to setup an instrument track(assign it), and then, as well as an FX track it seems, in order to have VEP host your reverbs?

  • Look at the "Preserve/Decouple"..... in manual.... If you don't "preserve" your server, it's gonna load with your project or if your "Preserve/Decouple" you gonna have to launch VEP server project before your daw project.....

  • Doesn't preserve and decouple just make it so that the slave server will have that data ready for other projects to load and connect to whenever need-be? It basically allows it to be independant from the DAW project, right?

    On that note, I would rather have smaller saved files, and faster save times by decoupling things, but if the server computer crashes, and my daw auto saves, or I save after it crashes, it is going to disconnect each and every instrument from the daw, and I have to go into each one, and re-assign the instrument. Is this really how it's supposed to behave? 

  • Wow I just found a quick work around. If the instance gets disconnected for whatever reason (on Cubase), you open the Vienna Ensemble Pro instrument/effect screen (The screen where you are supposed to assign/choose a VEP instance), and click on the A/B button twice, and it seems to find the instance. Maybe VSL can make the plugin automatically try something like this in future updates to re-connect. Not sure what to say. At least it's somewhat better now!

    I'd still like to NOT have to do this if possible. If anyone out there can help, much appreciated :)

  • Alright, so nevermind on that WOW post....

    If I disconnect the slave machine (turn off first), or if it crashes, and THEN I save my Cubase project, it will save with all the connection information LOST! Even when I re-open it, I cannot do this a/b setting trick. It's just completely gone. 


    VSL please help?