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  • Advise on using Dell R710 Server as 'slave' PC

    I have been looking into using an actual 'server' as my slave to my workstation in the coming days. I have researched the option to load Windows 7 64 bit onto a Dell R710 Server (which is apparently possible as W7 Ultimate is a workstation OS). My reasoning behind this is the dual processors, and massive amounts of RAM the hardware can support, as well as massive storage space... It makes sense to me. And lastly, it can be rack mounted in my studio (noise isn't much of a concern, knowing how much servers generate, it could be moved away too) What is the common type of system users have as a slave and would using a server like this be a wise choice to host VI'S and FX, as I intend to use it? I have been using VEP server locally with great success as a means to process plugin CPU usage more logically in Pro Tools, but since this software is designed with networked computers in mind, I really want this system to be a powerhouse! What are the most recommended types of slave computers, and how do most of you access these with your workstations... Remote desktop? Any insight or thoughts are appreciated.

  • *Update* - I have set up the Dell R710 at this point, it is bare bones so to speak, but it is working surprisingly well under the circumstances. This server is with 2x Xeon 2.26ghz, 4-Core processors (soon to be updated with Xeon 3.3 6-Core, and 72gb of RAM. I have one HDD installed with Windows 7 64 bit installed and I've just loaded Kontakt / Damage plugins as a test. Damage is a pretty demanding program for Kontakt, with high number of voices being used and it seems to throttle at times. The weird part is that it happens only when recording but seems to playback perfectly fine. I'll have to look closer into why this might be happening. First would be to load the sounds onto a separate drive, optimize Windows and Kontakt. I'm interested to see how much it can handle with the new processors are installed... All in all a great, CHEAP option! ,