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  • VEPro 6 Continuous Crashing

    I keep sending crash reports, and sending them, and sending them weekly if not daily.
    The crashes do not stop. Every day, day after day.... Something is really wrong here. I'm on beta version 6.0.16885. I've been sent at least (3) beta versions already. The current version posted on the site also has the same issues.
    None of them work without crashing. I've been sending these crash reports for the past couple of months now.
    I'm on a Mac Pro desktop, 48 Gb ram, High Sierra 10.13.3. I'm running VEPro off an internal SSD.
    I've tested it now on at least (3) systems: Yosemite, Sierra, and High Sierra. None have seem to make any
    difference at all. I'm losing a lot of work time at this point, but have no other options.

    It seems to randomly crash when loading in new empty projects and/or channel sets. The problem is is that they were all just created brand new in VEPro6, and there's nothing in them loaded up. Even the channel sets are only collections of empty busses routed to MIR Pro. THere are no plugins or instruments even loaded in them as of yet. I saved them asa empty busses for that reason. Please see some of the attached crash reports (from today only).


  • Hi kmm08, 

    I'm not aware of daily reports from you (although I know that you contact us on a regular basis, I found 35 cases since 2015) , and I'm not a developer, but all crash reports point to troubles with the output latency of the VI Audio Engine. 

    I know that our developer team is aware of this peculiar problem and we will address it in the VE PRO Sprint following the release of the Synchron Player. 

    Meanwhile, I'd try experimenting with all latency-related settings - so far, you are the only one reporting these troubles. 

    Thanks for your patience and understanding. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Well, the main reason I re-posted this issue on the forum here was that I sent a couple dozen more crash reports  in the past few weeks (as well as last coupleof days), and no response as of yet. All reports are sent to, so if this is not the correct email, please let me know. When you say "troubles with the output latency of the VI Audio Engine", what exactly does that mean? What kind of troubles? I'm testing only the VSL software not linked to any DAW, so it still seems to me to be some kind of bug in VEPro.

    I have been using VEPro/MIR Pro for some years now. Don't recall having these kinds of probems before. And as mentioned, I've tested it over the past months on (3) different Mac systems and (2) different Mac computers. To be honest, most of the troubles that I have had, have been since trying to switch from version VEPro5 to version 6.  Again, most of the crashes up till now seem to happen when loading up new projects/channel sets. If they do load up properly, then they often work OK. If there was an issue with a third party plugin in the system, it should crash on startup when scanning the isntalled plugins (which I also had happen in the past). However, I have no third party plugins loaded in the projects/channel sets that I'm testing.

    I sent over an example channel set yesterday, with busses routed thru MIRPro, to the support email above. WIll try to post here as well if I can.

  • I too am getting crashing with latest vepro. - i send one midi note or a few midi notes and bam.. crashes out. 


  • Another crash while actually using the program. This one crashed both VEPro6 and Cubase 9.5.1 immediately. 


  • same here but with ableton live 10

    Soon as i have everything loaded i hit a key on the keyboard controller and POOF.. vienna is gone!

    bad exe crash each time near 18.. mac osx 10.12.6


  • I might have narrowed it down a bit... I have stipped out all the AU's in my vepro session. 

    I put in VST placeholders and only loaded 1 vst "UVI Falcon" with ravenscroft piano in it.

    Previous with this config and the use of AU's i get crashes .. seems a bit more stable once i'm just using VST's interesting. 

    Will test more. 

  • Vienna Instruments Remote App has been constantly crashing on my ipad pro running iOS 11.3. It will load a white blank screen during startup stop respond and crash itself. Any solution? 

    Update: After an uninstall and reinstallation the app seem to now be working fine again.

    Ronny Sharma">">">

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    @adriaantaylor said:

    I might have narrowed it down a bit... I have stipped out all the AU's in my vepro session. 

    I put in VST placeholders and only loaded 1 vst "UVI Falcon" with ravenscroft piano in it.

    Previous with this config and the use of AU's i get crashes .. seems a bit more stable once i'm just using VST's interesting. 

    Will test more. 



    I have just found this thread after having a problem with Falcon - since updating VEP to the latest version. The AU will not load properly - refuses to show GUI. The VST works fine on my machine. Is this a known issue with Falcon? Are there any other AUs that are not working with VEP6 current version?



  • Not using AU's as much does seem to help...though kontakt seems very slow loading also...very odd v5 had none of these issues.

  • I also can no longer see the Falcon GUI. I get some kind of "invalid" warning when opening. It seems to play fine however, but I'm stuck with whatever patches I had loaded.

  • yeah latest vepro is a mess.. they need to not be asleep at the wheel... and get off their asses and put some love into it again.. enough with the fracking sycron bs. hire more dev's ... !

  • Same here, i bought VEPro to make my work more confortable ... but its crashng randomly after few minutes (even seconds) and i have to reupload the whole VEP Project ... which is 55Gb ... well it started yesterday after lates update of W10 (no surprise :/). This is just not good :(

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    Hi aadriantyler and kevaquarian, 

    VE PRO is stable here, and we are loving the hell out of this software 😊😎

    Of course OS updates CAN influence the behaviour of both plug-ins hosted in VE PRO and VE PRO itself. 

    @Falcon: Seems like there was a problem at UVI wth a development library they are using. Please get in touch with my colleagues at UVI directly, we have already helped with pointing out the problem. 

    @ Crashes: please contact us with crash reports and reproduction steps:

    In emergencies: Please roll back to a previous version from your Downloads Archive


    Always happy to help!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL