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  • VEP5 Crashes with Cubase 8.5




    I’ve been running Cubase with VEP for years with no problems and love the product.


    That said….. I went into the studio this morning launched VEP then launched Cubase but VEP kept crashing, on the first load up I got a message from VEP saying “You have moved your Elastic player location please re-register your product” after that it kept crashing, as I don’t  use the Elastic player I have now uninstalled it. I have just done a plugin re-scan and it seemed to crash when it got to “East/West play” I’m assuming it’s a rouge plugin causing the problem













    Imac 27inch (late 2012) 3.4Ghz i7, 32gig ram,


    OSX 10.12.4 Cubase 8.5/VEP 5


    Running Cubase in 32bit/VEP in 64bit